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Let it go

Let go

What does it mean to let go and how can we practice it? "Pain is definite. Suffering is voluntary." -Lord Buddha How much do we waste of our lives worrying, regretting, feeling guilty or frustrated, or avoiding people or things? All these happen to us because we are too tightly attached to someone or something…


Meditation Retreat April 2021

Meditation Retreat – April 2021

Residential Meditation Retreat - April 2021 Our first ever meditation retreat was held in April 2021 with participation of 45 devotees to provide an opportunity for the devotees to practice the core Buddhist concepts together as a group under the guidance of the Buddhist teachers.  More information to follow.


Buddhism for children

How Buddhism could help your child

What is the purpose of our life? Why are we born as humans? Has it ever crossed your mind as to the real purpose of existence as a human? Have you ever had time to think of the probability of being born as a human? Well, the Supreme Buddha has revealed that the chances of…


Vipassana Meditation

What is Vipassana (Vidharshana) Meditation

Vipassana is a form of mental training that teaches you to experience the world in an entirely new manner. For the first time, you will learn "who" you really are and what is truly happening to you from around and within. It is a process of discovering the "SELF "--a participatory investigation in which you…


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