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Online Dhamma school for Children

Online Dhamma Schools for Children

The Ministry of Nirvana (MON) is dedicated to laying the foundation for a happier, healthier community. As a part of this we facilitate and conduct several programs for kids and youth. Our objective is to reach into the minds and hearts of these children and draw out their truest potential. Guiding them down the path to become useful, helpful and valued members of society.

These programs will be conducted through both online and in person sessions with the help of Ven. Buddhist thero’s. Throughout these sessions we utilise, creative, active hands on activities that the children will be sure to enjoy as they develop and grow their resilience, kindness and compassion.

Program Schedule:

For Kids( 6 to 14 years)
  • A Dhamma discussion for children conducted fortnightly on Fridays at 7.30 pm AEST (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra) in English.
  • A weekly Dhamma school on Sundays at 6pm AEST (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra) in Sinhala. 
For Youth (14 to 26 years)
  • Fortnightly Dhamma school conducted on second Saturday of every month from 1:00 – 3:00 pm AEST (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra) in Sinhala.
  • Monthly Dhamma sermon conducted on every Poya day at 6.30 pm AEST (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra) in English.
The MindLab
  • Fortnightly interactive discussion on Saturdays from 7:30pm – 8:30pm AEST in English.
  • Register for the free program through Register Here 
The Supreme Buddha had elucidated that the gift of Dhamma excels all other gifts. Hence, these classes are offered free of charge.
More information and enrollments, please contact us through

Kids Creations:

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