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since my childhood when living as an ordinary person in society, I was taught by the society that path to success is to become an educated person with a respectable job. As I followed this path, it made me realize that there was something missing. This path is full of competition which makes people more greedy, selfish & and also encourages them to act against each other for power. As a doctor, when I started experiencing how people suffer, how people die no matter how wealthy they are, the question that came into my mind was, “what am I running after”? If this is the destination, why all this competition, expectations & hatred towards each other to fulfil our own desires, which ultimately has no value. There was something missing.

To answer all those questions, I was very fortunate & blessed to be able to participate in a Dhamma retreat organized by MON Australian group. This raised my awareness regarding the true teachings of supreme Lord Buddha & the real meaning of life which I could not find from the general society. I met a group of noble friends with so much kindness in their hearts & a genuine willingness to help to follow the path to Nibbana which is the ultimate truth & goal in life, which we are born for. This changed my life & gave me a new meaning to life. I learnt that it is my own thoughts & expectations which makes me suffer & the external world around me is not to be blamed for it.

My heartiest blessings to this group of noble friends to facilitate the journey of everyone who is helpless & suffering in Sansara, in seeking the ultimate goal of supreme bliss of Nibbana, which is the eternal happiness.

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