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MON Vision

Our Vision

Ministry of Nirvana is a not-for-profit charity organisation dedicated to providing services to enhance mental health and well-being for all individuals using Buddhist principles. Our vision lies in a happier Australia, one where everybody has the means to solve any of the issues, be it depression, anxiety, addictions etc. In order for this vision to become a reality we take the process step by step or rather session by session as we provide talks for everyone we can.


Everything in life has a reason, open for us to see, as long as we’re willing to ask why.  And just like everyone else that surrounds us Ministry of Nirvana has a purpose, and for us, our why is Australia. Everybody deserves a second chance; everybody deserves a happier life and that’s why it’s so hard to face the stats. For Ministry of Nirvana our why is the 1 in 5 Australians that face a mental illness, the 1 in 20 Australians that face addictions, and the 1.5 million Australians that face anxiety and depression related Issues. Our why is the reason why MON is stepping forward to show those that feel as though there’s nothing left for them that we’re here, we want to give all Australians the second chance that they deserve, to show them a way to handle the stress of the past and overcome the stress of the present, to give all Australians a new perspective, a new lens to conquer the troubles they face every single day.

What We offer

Everyone has something to give, be it compassion, kindness, or a helping hand but for us MON’s gift to Australia is our programs. Our group discussions, retreats, and one on one sessions etc span across many different Australian audiences including rehabilitation centres, mental health support groups, correction centres and the wider Australian community. These sessions are free and open for everyone, regardless of race/culture or religious backgrounds. We support people through life’s hardships by using Buddhist philosophy to understand our modern day lives.

Questions can solve a lot more problems than perhaps we might think, and that’s why our sessions encourage the audience to question themselves and their life. Sometimes, life’s challenges can seem less daunting once we better understand them and this is what we’re helping our audiences do, as we talk through a more scientific approach to life in order to understand, overcome and therefore improve lives for the better.

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