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Find your perfect escape from the daily stress, everyday pressures and conflicting demands of life. Our retreats are the perfect place to reset as you shift your perspective inwards to declutter your mind and regain a sense of calm and clarity. Our guided meditations, Dhamma sermons, group discussions and more, will help you experience the true essence of pure tranquility as you let off all the worries, anxiety and mental exhaustion you first walked in with.
You’ll be amazed at how understanding the inner workings of the mind can transform your life. Our teachers will guide you on a journey of self discovery through a scientific lens of logic and reasoning. You’ll be invited into your own science lab, your lab of life, as you apply each of these Buddhist Principles to your everyday experiences. You’ll explore and tackle captivating questions such as; Who am I? What is the purpose of my life? What is reality? and so much more!
Our retreats are open to each and every individual. It’s MON’s strong belief that everyone deserves a chance at inner peace and true happiness.


  • To provide participants with a new perspective centred around the reality of the world and the inner workings of the mind.
  • To provide a safe space for participants to let their inner worries and stress out and feel connected amongst their friends of the Dhamma
  • To provide an enjoyable and engaging experience for participants that consists of a variety of interesting and innovative activities to further understand the Dhamma
  • To connect to each participants individual needs and guide them along a journey of a self discovery through the lens of the Dhamma

The adult’s program:

Our adult’s programs guide participants through a journey that leaves them happier and calmer than ever before! Participants are taught to direct their energy within as they discover the workings of the mind and discover their own solutions to life’s biggest problems. They experience a time of transformative self development and discovery as the Dhamma leads them on a path to uncovering the truth to this world and themselves. Our retreats consist of a combination of enlightening Dhamma talks, delving into the science of the mind as well as meditations sessions centred around applying these principles into their everyday lives, along with meritorious activities that help build a community amongst their friends of the Dhamma. Ultimately our participants leave ready and equipped with all the tools they need to handle any problems life throws at them all whilst maintaining their inner peace and tranquility.

The children’s program:

Our children’s programs are carefully designed to be fun, interactive and engaging for children of all ages! Children have interesting discussions with our teachers and make valuable connections with those around them. They are introduced to the core of Buddhist philosophy in a way that gets them excited about everything it has to offer and are taught to seek solutions to their problems in the Dhamma. They also partake in various meritorious activities which are both enjoyable and beneficial. Overall the children leave with the valuable advice and teachings of the Buddha all whilst having enjoyed their experience and wanting to come back for more!

Future retreats:

Buddhist Detox Retreat (Residential in English) :  5 – 7 July 2024 at Karuna Sanctuary, Katoomba NSW

About the location: Explore the Karuna Sanctuary here:

Join us on this special residential retreat organised in collaboration with Metta Centre. There will be talks, Q & A sessions, guided meditation, outdoor activities, campfires and more.

Borambola Residential Retreat: 18 – 23 Dec 2024 at Borambola Sports and Recreation Centre, Wagga Wagga NSW
How to make a reservation?

Send us an email:-

Recent retreats 

Our Buddhist Detox retreat was a highly successful retreat held in August 2023, participants were able to take the opportunity to pause, relax and detox up in the Blue Mountains in Katoomba. It was a packed weekend retreat full of insightful sessions, engaging outdoor activities, transformative meditations and interesting Q & A sessions. Participants were provided with methods to spot the sources of unhappiness in their day to day lives and at the same time look at ways to address the root cause of those sources to achieve a happier and more fulfilling life.

Click below link to see the highlights of this event:

Several other highly successful retreats were completed in April 2021, December 2021 and December 2022 in the beautiful region of Wagga Wagga countryside, away from the hustle & bustle of city life.


Retreat children activity
Children activities during retreats


Do I need to have previous experience in meditation?

No, you don’t need previous experience in meditation. But you need to have a basic understanding of the core principles. We will provide the support and guidance to achieve this.

Do I need to be a Buddhist to attend these sessions?

No, our sessions are open to everyone from all communities, Buddhist or Non – Buddhist.

What do you need to bring with you?

An open mind! and we will look after everything else!

You meditate hassle-free and we will look after all your needs.

Do any rules or conditions apply?

  • White dress code
  • Silence to be observed when meditation is in progress
  • Good understanding of the concept
  • Discipline
  • Good conduct

Do retreats incur a cost?

Retreats attract some cost to cover the accommodation, meals and other expenses.
Costs may vary for different retreats and the client’s circumstances will also be considered. Our team will discuss further with you when you inquire about a specific retreat.

Can I sit on a chair?

Chairs and meditation cushions will be provided based on personal needs.

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