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Our Programs

Our Programs

MON offers a wide range of programs and activities to all ages, aimed at enhancing mental wellbeing and spiritual development. These programs are accessible in person and online all-around Australia. All programs are offered free of charge.

Group Sessions 

Group sessions aim to promote connections between participants to allow for further spiritual development via the interactive discussion and conversation of Theravada Buddhist Principles.

Individual Sessions & Counselling Sessions

Individual and counselling sessions are targeted at creating a safe space between the spiritual teacher and the participant, it allows for the release of stress and is focused on tailoring spiritual guidance towards the participant.

Public Sessions

Public sessions and Dhamma sermons allow for the comprehension and application of Theravada Buddhist principles for both advanced practitioners and beginners alike.

Full day workshops

Full day workshops are aimed at guiding participants through a day of spiritual development and through doing so mental wellbeing. Our spiritual teachers lead them step by step throughout the day as they engage in a variety of interactive activities whilst discussing Theravada Buddhist Principles.

Residential Retreats

Residential Retreats allow for participants to commit a couple days of their time to diligently practising the spiritual path to Nibbana, this allows them to learn invaluable meditation practices to guide them even after the completion of the retreat.

The in-person programs are either hosted by MON or are offered in collaboration with other organisation.

Visits to other organisations and centres

MON also offers visits to external organisations/centres by invitation. We currently provide sessions at correctional centers, rehabilitation centers, schools, various community groups, etc.

Regular Online  programs

English Medium

Mind Lab – Children aged 7 – 13 years (Fortnightly on Saturdays)
Mind Lab – Teenagers and young adults aged 13 years and above (Fortnightly on Fridays)

Sinhala Medium

Sathdharma Varsha – Adults (Weekly on Sundays)
Siwmaga Dhamma School – Children aged 16 years and under (Weekly on Sundays)

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Opening Hours

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