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Inspiring Stories of the Great Arahants

These are lives of the Great Elders, disciples of the Buddha, who graced the earth. Due to the power of their accumulated merits, they stumbled across their teacher, who healed their ailing hearts and gave them insight on the true nature of the world, hence showed the path to achieve true happiness. They followed the teaching uprooting all of their suffering, and was no longer affected by the external world.
We hope you will be able to find your inspiration, your hero, your role model among these real men and women whose every footstep was a blessing to the world.
It is time for these lives to be retold and relived through all of us and for this world to be full of such great people once again. May these stories inspire you to go forth on your journey to eternal happiness.


The Great Arahants

Stories of the great Arahants

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