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For those who search for true Happiness


Our Core Vision

Our vision lies in a better, happier, stress free future for all. Our goal is to provide the tools for anyone, anywhere to overcome life's greatest challenges. To show them that every problem has a solution, that there's a way to overcome the toughest challenges. We want to walk you down the right path, to lead you to the light at the end of the tunnel. That's why our vision is a happier world and we' reworking towards it step by step every day in everyway

Our Vision
counselling sessions

Free Sessions

We are currently offering free individual and group counselling sessions to help stress-related mental health issues and addiction problems based on Buddhist principles and techniques. 

After listening to my very first sermon, I realized most of my beliefs were deceptions. I was chasing somethings not worth it at all. I realized how important it is to be a human in this era and not wasting my precious time chasing things which do not bring any meaning to our lives. I… Read more “How Dhamma change my entire life”

Gihani MSc (Medical sonoghraphy )

Thanks guys for the well organised event. My best retreat ever. Looking forward to attend your next… Read more “Great Event – Meditation Retreat April 2020”


Dhamma changed the way that I look at the world and interact with others. I started listening to Dhamma around 18months back and trying to practice every basic thing I learnt. I am not wrong if I say that I am a more relaxed & a calmer person than earlier. I have transformed to a… Read more “Dhamma changed the way that I look at the world”

Sumith (Mechanical Engineer BSc , Dip in Edu ) QLD

since my childhood when living as an ordinary person in society, I was taught by the society that path to success is to become an educated person with a respectable job. As I followed this path, it made me realize that there was something missing. This path is full of competition which makes people more… Read more “The Turning point that created the life I love today”

Chamanthi ( MBBS ) & Sameera (Civil Engineer , Phd ) NSW
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